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Europe is at the forefront of hydrogen, with France in the spotlight

"France occupies the 6th position in the world in scientific research related to hydrogen". This is already stated in the report "Hydrogen Energy in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté" of the Pôle Véhicule du Futur of 2017. Plus another interesting quote by the founder of Mahytech : "Hydrogen is a solution for everyone. It ceased long ago to be a solution only for rockets!"

A few weeks ago, at the event HyVolution in Paris, the Minister of Energy Transition of France announced 14 new projects "Ecosystèmes territoriaux hydrogène", part of the National Hydrogen Deployment Plan. All the Plan's projects represent 8,400 tons of hydrogen per year, of which 91% are destined for buses, cars, commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and garbage collection. Click on the image below for more details (in French).

Among the approved projects is that of the retail group Schiever which will receive EUR 4 million for a 2.5MW hydrogen station, with capacity to produce one ton per day. Half will be consumed by Schiever's fleet of trucks and the rest will be made available to other users.

"But why choose this energy and not another?" For Raja Derham, project manager, "It is the best suited to our needs. Today, our trucks travel between 350 and 450 km per round. Therefore, we need greater autonomy. Hydrogen allows us to achieve it. Even because the refueling is very fast, 20/30 minutes. No need to immobilize trucks for hours.” Click here for the article with this interview.

The next edition of HyVolution will be in Chile in June 2023 . It is also worth mentioning what a French ambassador said in an interview for the newspaper El Mercurio, Antofagasta: “In addition to renewable energies, Chile has indispensable mineral resources for the energy transition, such as copper and lithium, of which it has one of the largest reserves in the world. Developing this resource is a fundamental challenge not only for Chile but also for the world, but it is essential that the extraction of lithium be friendly to the environment and local communities.”


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