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EU vehicles: hydrogen stations every 100 km, electric every 60 km

One of EU’s major goal is to decarbonize transportation and the uptake of sustainable vehicles.

Members of the European Parliament proposed that by 2026 electric charging pools for cars would have to be deployed at least every 60 km along main EU roads. For trucks and buses, the same requirements would apply by 2026, but only on core TEN-T networks (click to see the map).

It was also suggest by 2028 setting up hydrogen refuelling stations every 100 km along main EU roads.

Prices should be displayed per kWh or per kg, be affordable, comparable and accessible to all vehicle brands.

Maritime sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships should be also cut by 2% as of 2025, 20% as of 2035 and 80% as of 2050. This would apply to ships above a gross tonnage of 5000, in principle responsible for 90% of CO2 emissions. Containerships and passenger ships to use on-shore power supply while at berth at main EU ports as of 2030, to significantly reduce air pollution in ports.

Click below to read the Press Release by the European Parliament, part of the Fit for 55 package


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