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ESG Tops List for Director Education

A new study sponsored by the Diligent Institute "Director education and training: Ensuring the board has what it needs" was published by the Corporate Secretary on November 4th. And today, November 9, begins the 23rd Congress IBGC Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance, national and international reference in corporate governance. The theme of the congress will be "Impact Governance | Tomorrow's Best Practices".

According to the study, the ESG issue - environmental, social and governance - already represents one of the main topics of corporate education. According to 80% of the 226 survey respondents, their Board has already been trained on specific ESG issues, indicating that these issues are increasingly present in the daily interactions with stakeholders.

Corporate governance was the next most cited educational topic, followed by cybersecurity and compliance/regulation. Obviously, there was greater engagement on the part of larger companies.

And in Brazil ? What would be the status of these questions ? See below some of the panels of the 23rd. Congress IBGC mentioned above, which runs until tomorrow.

  • ESG - Accountability of directors and Practical cases of accountability of directors, by Richard Blanchet

  • Sustainability: what directors need to know about oversight and ESG strategy, Masterclass Diligent

  • Climate governance and carbon market, by Nelmara Arbex

  • Stakeholder governance: sustainable development of communities, with Naiara Bertão

  • Sustainability: What directors need to know about ESG oversight and strategy, with Michelle Squeff

  • The future of ESG reporting: transparency and integration, with Vania Borgerth

And in the image below to access the article and research from Diligent Institute mentioned above.


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