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Engage to transform. 2nd ESG Meeting of ABRASCA and APIMEC Brazil

"Conquering new markets, mitigating risks, accessing credit lines and talking about the climate agenda are just some of the aspects that companies, investment professionals and investors who think about sustainability have as competitive advantages in business."

The 2nd ESG Abrasca and APIMEC Brasil Meeting has a spectacular agenda for the coming 23rd and 24th of August 2023.

Opening Session – Eco Tax

Ana Toni, Secretary of Climate Change - Federal Government

Eduardo Werneck, CNPI Analyst and President of the CA - APIMEC Brasil

João Pedro Nascimento, President - CVM - Comissão de Valores Mobiliários

Luis Henrique, President - Abrasca

Panel 1 - Reflection and Education – companies' due diligence in relation to the supply chain and communication to the market

Alexandre Gazzotti, ESG Analyst - Itau Asset Management

Joanes Ribas, President of the ESG Commission, Abrasca and Sustainability Director - Vivo

Sandro Damasio, Head of ESG - Eletrobras

Panel 2 - Sustainable Energy Matrix

Denys Roman, Coordinator - CBARI

Marco Antonio Fujihara, Co-founder - Infrapar Capital Partners

Viviana Coelho, Executive Manager - Petrobras

Panel 3 - CBPS - Updates

Eduardo Flores, Technical Coordinator - CBPS

Haroldo Levy Neto, Institutional Relations Coordinator - CBPS

Leandro Ardito, International Relations Coordinator - CBPS

Vania Borgerth, Deputy Coordinator of International Relations - CBPS

Panel 4 - COP 2023 - Trends

Ana Luci Grizzi, Sustainability/ESG Partner - EY

Hellen Pedroso, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights - L'Oréal

Plinio Ribeiro, CEO - Bioflica/Anbipar

Closing – Roundtable on Social Emergencies

Fernanda Claudino, General Manager of Technical Commissions - Abrasca

Lucy Sousa, Executive President - APIMEC Brazil

Pablo Cesario, Executive President - Abrasca

Are you going to miss this event? Click on the image below to sign up! Just a few days left. For non-Abrasca or APIMEC Brasil members, the event is paid.

See you there!

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