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Electric vehicles: say goodbye to the oil change

As electric vehicles (EVs) increasingly penetrate the automotive market, they will disrupt well-established parts of the internal combustion engine value chain, from engine parts to maintenance practices. One often-overlooked element of this shift involves fluids: the engine oils, gear oils, and transmission fluids currently consumed in copious quantities will no longer be required for battery electric vehicles. In contrast, EV fluids used in batteries consist mainly of driveline fluids and coolants. For example, a battery uses two to three times less fluid than an internal combustion vehicle. While the consumption of pure driveline fluids is on a comparable level - 4 to 12 liters - a battery needs only about 10 to 20 liters of coolants over its lifetime, as compared to 20 to 80 liters for "traditional" vehicle. A battery also does not require any engine oil, while the internal combustion car requires 50 to 90 liters over the its lifetime. Click below for a McKinsey article.


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