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DutchNews: Shell board 'could be liable' for CO2 emissions

Last May 2021, a court in The Hague, Netherlands said that Shell must play its part in the fight against dangerous climate change and “reduce the carbon dioxide emitted by the Shell group and its customers by 45% net by the end of 2030, compared with the level in 2019.” Shell, which is appealing against the ruling, says it cannot be held liable in the Netherlands for events that take place worldwide. “The scene of the crime, in this case, is the location where the emissions take place,” a Shell lawyer told the court during the 2021 hearings. But the campaign leader replies: “What Shell does or doesn’t do is determined by the people in charge, that’s why we’re looking at them. The Board has to be aware that it is willfully exposing Shell to potential damage claims that the company could never pay.” Tata Steel, as well as Shell, is currently the target of private prosecutions in the Netherlands relating to climate strategies and carbon emissions. Click on the image and read more at DutchNews.


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