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COP28 Diary, 10th December 2023, Carbon Credit Markets Special.

News from Dubai. Sunday.

Before we start.

Something new happened at the Metro today. A woman in veil walking inside the metro wagons electronically checking the tickets (cards) of everybody. Good.

Strong rumours that next COP29 will be in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nice trend. First spotlight on deserts (with oil and huge potential for renewables), then COP30 at the Amazon (forest, river, biodiversity, indigenous peoples and critical mineras, to name a few).

The day.

Brazil Delegation Meeting

About 200 delegates from Brazil invited to a meeting with Marina Silva (Brazil's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change), João Paulo Capobianco (Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change) and André Corrêa do Lago (Brazil Chief Negotiator at COP28).


  • “This COP28 managed to get to the bottom of the issue: fossil fuels” (“Essa COP conseguiu - ainda bem - chegar ao x da questão: combustíveis fósseis”).

  • Energy transition. For historical reasons and for the front position, differentiate developed countries. And whoever else can accelerate also accelerates.

  • Brasil to accelerate renewables and slow down fossil fuels.

  • Adaptation: ongoing discussions. Good text so far, with main concerns addressed. Metrics still an issue.

  • Loss & Damage: “OK”.

The there was a Q&A session, but we had to leave.

Heads of Delegation Meeting on the Global Goal on Adaptation

  • “Not yet the perfect text”.

  • “Far from a strong political message”.

Basically comments about wordings, “problematic terms”, “unrealistic and confusing timelines” and “equity, lack of financial support to achieve targets”.

We heard several countries opining, each with their “own style”: Japan, Norway, Argentina, Cuba / G77+China, Russian Federation, Indonesia, Philippines, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Marroco.

Germany: Press Conference of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs

With Annalena Baerbock (Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany) e Steffi Lemke (Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection).

Annalena commented on the €100mn Germany committed for loss and damage fund at the beginning of COP28 and that more should be expected. Praised the several pledges and alliances made, and considers unfair - a matter of justice - when “2 or 3 countries” block all the others, in spite of the dramatic climate crisis we are all living “North, South, East West”. Including the impacts on the infrastructures. Fossil fuel should be phased out.

Steffi talked about the importance of water, inclusive in relation with the Oceans. And from the media, questions about OPEC and lignite in Germany.

Leading the Future: School Leaders as Solution Providers for the Future

Panel moderated by Prof. Peter Kent (President Intl. Confederation of Principals) with senior participants from the education sector: Leanne Otene (New Zealand), Gabriel Rachid (Argentina), Welcome Mhlanga (Eswatini) and Zhang Youyi (China).

Gabriel gave several very creative examples using AI (ChatGPT) on environmental situations: practical inspirational exercises, analysing data, uploading pictures to use in what if-scenarios, make questions to AI from a climate point of view, proposing solutions after analysing real climate extreme situations, how to build a house, how to electrify it sustainably, how to recycle all.

It is important that school leaders of climate education give their students a vision, hope and skills. They are the guardians of our planet.

“USA: Bipartisan Senators Discuss American Action and Challenges Ahead

The following United States Senators were present: Tom Carper (Delaware), Ed Markey (Massassuchets), Ben Cardin (Maryland), Chris Coons (Delaware), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island) and Brian Schatz (Hawaii). Here is what they said:

  • “We are here <COP28> because we know that we have to do more”. (Ben Cardin)

  • “We have the obligation to significantly reduce our emissions. We are already paying for the consequences. We have the responsibility to lead but we are also here to learn from other countries”. (Tom Carper)

  • “IRA is bringing benefits to United States. I am looking forward to go back and start working in the transitions” (Lisa Murkowsk, referring to her State Alaska, whose economy depends on oil and gas and is suffering from dramatic changes in the artic and permafrost)

  • “I support. Forcing mechanism for our country and others”. (Sheldon Whitehouse, referring to the European CBAM. Note: he also proposed an American CBAM Bill)

  • “We have to stand up. A constellation of possibilities. I am bullish on solutions. We have to break our addiction to fossil fuels. Young people are all looking at all this”. (Ed Markey)

  • “Markets have moved in the right direction. Climate action is popular and good for the economy”. (Brian Schatz)

  • “We will continue. Regardless” (Chris Coons)

Before we close the day.

“THE CLIMATE ACTION COMMITMENT COUNTER” is the name of an official media fact sheet regularly updated by COP28’s organisation. All achievements so far are indicated and briefly explained. Give a look. Its at the main page indicating “DOWNLOAD THE CLIMATE ACTION COMMITMENT COUNTER”.

Click here to download the the status as of 9 December 2023.

Download PDF • 314KB

People and paparazzi

If we calculate right, today we were in an audience with 7% of the United States Senators. Quite representative.

It was also great to meet Prof. Julio Meneghini and Karen Mascarenhas from the RCGI, the Brazilian Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Innovation at University of São Paulo. Some very innovative research projects going on there. Give a look yourself.

Our key takeaways

  • “This COP28 managed to get to the bottom of the issue: fossil fuels”. (Marina Silva)

  • “Invest in young people, the guardians of our planet”. (Prof. Peter Kent)

  • United States is moving.

COP28 Brazil Delegation Meeting. Photo by CarbonCreditMarkets
COP28 Brazil Delegation Meeting. Photo by CarbonCreditMarkets


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