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Call for Experts: Continuous Improvement Work Programs for the ICVCM.

Today is Friday, March 8, 2024.

Last Wednesday, the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) held the 2nd Webinar of its Market Consult Group.

Here are the topics of interest for these meetings, based on a survey carried out in the 1st Webinar:

(1) ICVCM Assessment decision updates;

(2) UNFCCC Article 6 and its interaction with the ICVCM;

(3) ICVCM Continuous Improvement Work Programs;

(4) Compliance development and Carbon Market policy;

Some of these topics were, therefore, addressed in this 2nd Webinar.

ICVCM is currently assessing 6 carbon-crediting programs and 28 categories of credits, expected to be “largely completed by the end of September”. Assessment is basically being made against the CCPs and first decisions are expected for late March / early April 2024. Programs / categories approved as CCP-Eligible will be able to tag credits with the CCP label.

And among the Continuous Improvement Work Programs (CIWP), the CIWP7 about Market Transparency, Standardization and Scalability was further explained.

Its objective relates to opportunities built on existing initiatives to improve market standards around transparency and data infrastructure for credits. This work program will include:

  • Universal tracking and transparency infrastructure (registry requirements and interoperability) for the global carbon market leveraging existing and emerging technologies and initiatives;

  • Credit pricing disclosure and tracking systems;

  • Guidance on reporting on revenue;

  • Standardised contracts.

To support initiatives like this, the ICVCM is currently recruiting voluntary experts for several of their work programs:

  • CIWP 6 - Digital Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV)

  • CIWP 7 - Market Transparency, Standardization and Scalability

  • CIWP 8 - Oversight of Validation / Verification Bodies (VVBs) and Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV) systems

  • CIWP 9 - Simplified approaches for small projects

  • CIWP 10 - Jurisdictional Crediting Approaches

Experts should have specific and deep expertise in the relevant topics of the call, and be able to provide evidence of that expertise if required. Applicants may be from any sector, such as civil society, environmental non-government organizations, business and public sector.

Interested? Click at the image below to know more and apply.


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