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Brazil: Offshore wind complexes, updated maps of projects under licensing

66 offshore wind farms under development, equivalent to 169 GW. This was the situation in Brazil in August 2022, as per our post "Bill in Brazil: Offshore Energy Potential".

According to a recent update, there are already 70 processes, with a total of 176.5 GW, that is, equivalent to more than 12 Itaipu Dams or almost 8 Three Gorges Dams (China). Highlight for the states of Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte. As a reference, in December 2021 there were just over 20 projects, which represents a growth of more than 250% in one year!

Entrepreneurs are waiting for the maritime authorization to proceed with preliminary license requests. And this still without the approval of the respective legislation, Bill 576/2021 on "Offshore Energy"!

According to IBAMA - Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, this constant growth demonstrates the market's interest in investing in offshore wind on the Brazilian coast.

Click on the image below to see the map with the location of the environmental licensing processes for offshore wind farms open at IBAMA until December 5, 2022.

And here for two other publications of interest (in Portuguese) posted by IBAMA:

- Offshore Wind Complexes: Study on Impact Assessment, including the description of wind farms in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Portugal


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