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Brazil exceeds 190 GW in electricity generation capacity

83.44% of Brazilian energy generated is renewable.

This was the mark reached in the first days of March 2023, as announced by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) last Tuesday. In 2023 alone, growth has already surpassed 2 GW, with 1.14 GW coming from wind power plants.

According to the same statement, Brazil surpassed the mark of 190 gigawatts (GW) of centralized installed capacity in the electrical matrix for use by the entire population connected to the National Interconnected System. Until Monday, March 6th, 23,400 generating units together offered a supervised power of 190.79 GW, of which:

  • 103.2 GW (53.58% of the total) from large hydroelectric plants

  • 46.15 GW (24.70%) from thermoelectric plants and

  • 24.92 GW (13.12%) from wind power plants

Click here for the full official statement and at the image below for the interactive dashboards in PowerBI.

These interactive dashboards are updated monthly and contain much more detail such as, for example, the technical data of future plants, information regarding the progress of their implementation, history and forecasts for the start of operations:

  • Implementation Monitoring Panel with Commercial Operation Forecast

  • Detailed Information Sheet per Plant under Implementation

  • List of Power Plants under Implementation with Commercial Operation Forecast

  • Release for Commercial Operation

  • General Summary of Commercial Operation (since 1997)

In addition to open data.


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