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Bill in Brazil: "Offshore energy potential"

Following up on the posts about bills in Brazil - yesterday we commented on the "National ASG Seal" and the "Green Investment Seal" - today we highlight PL 576/2021 on "Offshore Energy". Tomorrow we will conclude the series talking about PL 1425/2022: "Carbon Storage", the CCS.

Well, PL 576/2021 is not limited to wind energy at sea, but rather prepares the conditions for any innovation focusing on the generation of energy from the force of water, waves, tides and wind. Even in internal bodies of water, such as lagoons and lakes, obviously including the territorial sea and the continental shelf.

According to the proposal, the Union may release areas by authorization to interested companies or organize auctions. Operators of oil and gas projects already in progress will also be able to install wind farms in the areas of their blocks, with license requests already being made by Equinor, TotalEnergies and Shell.

Offshore wind is seen as a promising source of power to green hydrogen hubs in Brazilian ports. In all, the country has 66 offshore wind farms under development. Rio Grande do Sul (57 GW) and Ceará (48 GW) together account for 62% of licensing capacity. Rio de Janeiro (27 GW) comes next on the list.

PL 576/2021 transited from the Senate to the Chamber of Deputies on August 17th.

Click on the image below to access it.


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