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Approved MP that releases the carbon market in Brazilian public forests

This Tuesday (2nd), the Senate plenary approved MP 1,151/2022 , a bill that changes rules for managing public forests by concession (Law 11,284, of 2006). Among the highlights is the permission to trade carbon credits.

According to the rapporteurs, the market could move up to US$ 100 billion to Brazil with reforestation and preservation of forests.

Agência Senado, "In the public notice for the concession for the exploitation of forests, the right to sell carbon credits and similar instruments for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions may be considered, including a percentage of participation by the granting authority. They may be subject to of the forest concession, non-timber forest products and services, provided they are carried out in the management unit, under the terms of the regulation." And adds "It will be up to the public power to prevent and repress invasions in the areas granted and subject to the forest concession, either by communication from the concessionaire or by letter, without prejudice to the legitimacy of the concessionaire for the defense and repossession, including through judicial means. "

Among other issues, the operational problem of the regularity of the land generating carbon credits was highlighted: "We need a place to register these credits, as they cannot be traded more than once. Those who buy must be sure that something is true".

A few weeks ago we published more details about this same MP "Brazil: Lower Chamber approves MP that stimulates carbon credits market in forest management".

And as it had already been approved by the Lower Chamber, it now goes to presidential approval.

Click at the image below to read a very complete article by Agência Senado.

And to conclude here is a 2021 article by Emprapa titled "Study reveals Indigenous Land's potential to generate carbon credits" . And here on how Indian tribes in the US benefit from carbon credits, National Indian Carbon Coalition website.



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