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App Refloresta-SP: reconciling the economic and ecologic in regions of low agricultural suitability.

Today is Sunday, October 22, 2023.

Look at this interesting App. launched by the Department of Environment, Infrastructure and Logistics of the State of São Paulo (SEMIL).

Part of a larger initiative, the 2021 Refloresta-SP Program, the Refloresta-SP Platform is a free online technological solution that works as a consultancy for the reforestation of properties on São Paulo soil. It provides recommendations on the best combinations of timber and non-timber species, aiming to implement multifunctional forests in areas where some form of economic exploitation is possible.

Its focus is on changing land use in regions with low vegetation cover, especially in areas of low agricultural suitability, with recommendations that lead to the generation of ecosystem services that are important for the sustainability of agricultural production and people's well-being.

"The state of São Paulo currently has 22.9% of its territory covered by native vegetation, especially in the coastal region. Other regions, such as the west of São Paulo, have a vegetation deficit that affects the sustainable provision of ecosystem services, among which : water production and purification, pollination and pest control in agricultural crops, soil conservation, thermal comfort, beauty and carbon capture".

In fact, the potential for carbon sequestration with multifunctional forest projects and agroforestry systems is estimated at "between 74 and 104 million tons of CO2 equivalent by 2050."

When accessing the platform, you will be asked for some information:

(1) municipality,

(2) type of vegetation,

(3) slope range of the property,

(4) whether operations are manual or mechanized,

(5) where the project will be implemented, whether in a Legal Reserve, Permanent Preservation Area or elsewhere.

Based on ecological criteria, the platform will indicate the species that adapt to the region and that tend to have good development.

The economic criterion considers the market price of wood and non-wood products and production costs, including the necessary silvicultural management.

Pretty cool huh?

And by clicking on the image below you can access the platform, whose development took around 10 years and was supported by the World Bank, the IDB and the Global Fund for the Environment – ​​GEF.

As we are talking about reforestation, between us, who knows, perhaps a startup will emerge soon that can deliver carbon credits in a methodological, economical and efficient way, also for "smaller" actions, by ordinary citizens like us. After all, it is in the trunk of any tree that the carbon capture we need so much is found.


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