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Al Gore at COP-28: Tracking tool shows 352 million GHG emission points around the world.

Today is Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

During last COP-28 and quoted in one of our diary posts, we made reference to a tool disclosed by Al Gore, environmentalist and former vice president of the United States.

Today we will revisit that interesting panel, due to its connection to integrity, transparency and specially for relating with free quality information.

What about individual details of over 352 million greenhouse emission spots around the globe? Yes, 352 million individual facilities, farms, and other emitting assets. Data from several different ground and spacial open sources, appraized by dozens of different integrated techniques. And Artificial Intelligence.

Want to know where the World’s highest-emitting oil & gas field is? Or the highest-emitting cement plant? Airport? Enteric fermentation source? Pipelines leaking? Just look at the image below for such examples.

Or would you believe that in Indonesia, emissions from deforestation and degradation declined by 56% and 87% respectively, from 2015 to 2022?

And that in Congo there were also reductions, 7% and 19% respectively.

The tool also “adjusts official data to reality”.

Official landfill in Mexico account for 55 million tonnes CO2e. Reality (e.g. adding “illegal landfills), more than doubles that number to 116 million.

Also United States. There are 8,659 registered EPAs (a point of release into the outdoor atmosphere of air contaminants), while the real number is over 6,000 times higher … over 54 million EPAs (!!!). This is also included in the mosaic picture below.

Before disclosing the tool, Al Gore showed elaborated slides, sequentially strucuturing what most of us already know. And also adding new perspectives:

  • Hottest months sequentially on record, in the last 10 years, continuously.

  • 2023, for the first time on record storms reached category 5 strength in every tropical ocean basin in the same year.

  • Energy released by man-made global warming pollution “equivalent to exploding “50,000 Hiroshina-class atomic bombs per day 365 days per year” (James Hansen from NASA)

  • “In the future … some regions uninhabitable, which will surely contribute to the pressure to migrate” (Jos Lelieveld from Max Planck Institute)

  • Forest fires are declining in the tropics but remain high and increasing in the northern countries. In 2022, US, Canada and Russia experienced higher rates of forest fires (Climate TRACE data)

So, according to Al Gore:

  • if 71 nations have submitted no data on emissions for any of the years covered by the Global Stocktake;

  • if 108 nations have submitted no inventories of emissions for any of the past five years;

  • and no nations have submitted an emissions inventory for 2022 yet …

No problem. Climate TRACE Coalition is now sharing all that data:

  • a complete emissions stocktake of all 241 countries and regions.

  • historical record each year for the period 2015-2022.

  • detailed breakdown by 53 sectors, including the 352 million individual assets mentioned above.

  • metadata including ownership facility type, production capacity, emissions intensity, level of activity, and uncertainty ranges.

  • easy to use, search, compare, aggregate and analyse. By specialists (that like even JSAON API) but also people like us, non-specialists. Concerned enthusiasts.

Click at the image below to acces it. Image is a mosaic some of the largest global emission sites, generally mentioned above.

Al Gore concludes his presentation last December 3, 2023 in Dubai by indicating that all of the self-reporting in the corporate world only adds up to 14% of global emissions (!!!!!). Then he asks the audience: Would you call that the Armageddon Greenwashing?

Some companies are already using these data to "reasses suppliers" and "clean up" their supply chains. Before their customers go.


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