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About the Carbon Credits Market in Brazil in June 2022

Many recent lessons learned on the subject of Carbon Credit Markets in Brazil. On June 14, in Curitiba, at the “ESG Meeting” of LIDE Paraná, a presentation by McKinsey, among others, and on the following day, in Rio de Janeiro, the IBGC / CVM debate forum on “Carbon Market in Brazil: Experiences and Trends”. Here are some insights:

  1. Brazilian energy matrix is ​​already 85% “green” and with this percentage increasing

  2. Brazil has the greatest potential in the world in carbon sequestration by natural means

  3. The Brazilian potential for carbon offsets is the largest in the world, estimating between USD 8 to 15 billion

  4. In addition, we will need Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS Carbon Capture & Storage) technologies (click here to read more about it)

  5. The steps of a carbon certificate emission project (click to access)

  6. Legal challenges and suggestions for improvements. For example, official records and ownership chain of ownership.

  7. The high costs of international certifications (audits) and opportunities for local standards. Currently the Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA), the Gold Standard, the Social Carbon and the CCBA, which apply internationally accepted regulatory standards that ensure that the carbon credits traded are credible.

  8. The remaining risk of the current lack of registration (after certifications), ensuring that credits are used in a controlled manner, i.e. only once

Many opportunities. And responsibilities.


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