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$369 billion clean-energy plan. Here is a summary of the recently approved US Climate Bill.

We summarize below 6 key parts of the bill approved on August 7, 2022. We also included individual links to the same topics posted in our blog. If you want go directly to the bill, click on the image below.

  1. Carbon Capture and Storage: Fossil-fuel companies stand to benefit from higher tax credits for capturing and storing carbon-dioxide emissions, in a allowing a transition and softer phase out for oil-and-gas assets. See also this post from our blog;

  2. Hydrogen: A $3-per-kilogram tax credit for green hydrogen - produced using electrolyzers -should stimulate the industry. Here a link to all hydrogen related posts from our blog;

  3. Wind and Solar: The 10-year extension of wind and solar tax credits decreases uncertainty for developers, which should boost projects. Link to articles solar and wind;

  4. Innovation: A new standalone tax credit for innovations related to energy storage, still a challenge. Click here for all our innovation related posts;

  5. Electric Vehicles: Buyers of used EVs could get a new tax credit. There are also tax incentives on EV charging stations and $15 billion has been set aside for automakers to retool their factories or build new ones. And here a long list of EV posts related;

  6. People: There are tax credits for homeowners to invest in energy-saving measures like more efficient windows, doors, heating and cooling systems and insulation. Read more here.

The bill also covers Supply Chain (our posts) and Finance and Banking issues (here what we posted about).


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