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Methodology for quantifying the benefits of protecting the planet’s natural capital (McKinsey & Co)

1. Analyses: Expanding conservation is both a global and local consideration. To support decision makers, we evaluated the value of nature conservation at a hyperlocal scale; 2. Results:

Our new report maps areas where nature appears to have particularly high value and analyzes some of the co-benefits and costs that could result from conservation of these areas. These additional prioritized areas would effectively double the current conservation of land and national waters to 30% of the planet—a proposed UN target used as a reference point for this analysis. ... Reduction in atmospheric CO2 by 0.9 gigatons to 2.6 gigatons annually ... Creation of approximately 400,000 to 650,000 jobs ... Lowering the risk of new zoonotic diseases emerging ... taking actions .... Private-sector organizations ... National governments ... Intergovernmental organizations ... Conservation practitioners and donors ...


« … car rien ne se crée, ni dans les opérations de l’art, ni dans celles de la nature, et l’on peut poser en principe que, dans toute opération, il y a une égale quantité de matière avant et après l’opération ; que la qualité et la quantité des principes est la même, et qu’il n’y a que des changements, des modifications. »

Antoine-Laurent De Lavoisier 1789, Traité élémentaire de chimie.

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