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What is COP? What are greenhouse gases? What is net zero?

Today is Sunday, September 03, 2023.

The answers to these and other questions are compiled by McKinsey in another great article from August 30, 2023.

Important issues, considering not only the impacts on us, but also what we have to do in terms of the consumption habits around.

You may recall that last February, NielsenIQ & McKinsey collaborated on a fantastic joint study examining sales growth for products that claim to be environmentally and socially responsibles.

And last May 2023, that The European Parliament voted the “Directive on Green Claims”, intended to combat misleading claims on consumer labels, greenwashing, and support and improve product durability.

Now, back to the questions, we will summarize answers, but strongly recommend that you refer to the original article as, besides completing each explanation, there might be a link to a specific report.

Here we go.

What is COP?

It stands for Conference of the Parties, an annual meeting with United Nations member states, to deal with climate change.

What are greenhouse gases?

Gases, such as CO2, methane and sulfur dioxide a.o., that trap heat on Earth's atmosphere, making the planet warmer.

What is a 1.5°C pathway?

It is a target, a plan to desacelerate the increase of the Earth's average temperature.

What is net zero?

It is when annual greenhouse gas emissions are equal to the amount removed each year.

What are the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement?

They are international treaties dealing with actions related to greenhouse gas emissions and climate issues.

What happened at the last COP?

COP27 in Egypt, basically challenges related to escalation of issues and concerns.

What do business leaders need to know about COP27?

McKinsey indicates ten key takeaways. Give a look yourself.

Didn’t COP15 also happen recently? What happened there?

That was the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. An agreement to protect natural capital and limit biodiversity loss around the world was achieved.

What to expect at COP28?

COP28 in Dubai: spotlight for mitigation and climate adaptation initiatives. But more importantly, the first “global stocktake” of country members.

What role does McKinsey play at COP28?

Click at the image below to know and find out.

As you will see, McKinsey adds that you can also sign up for emails on new Sustainability articles and to receive invitations for McKinsey’s virtual events during COP28.

There are also sustainability-related job opportunities if you’re interested in working at McKinsey.


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