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World Economic Forum: Why voluntary carbon markets for nature are needed right now.

Today is Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

According to an August 24 article by the World Economic Forum (WEF) ”we have a powerful tool at our disposal … the voluntary carbon market – where companies or individuals can buy carbon credits as part of their own plan to meet their climate goals.”

“The voluntary carbon market can help mobilize public sector finance towards Nature-based solutions (NbS), particularly in the Global South where it is most urgently needed”.

Considering that we refer to NbS, Carbon Credit Markets reminds that, by area, the 4 largest countries - Russia, Canada, China, United States - total close to 30% of the World landmass. The next 4 countries - Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina - that are in the South, do not reach half of these together in the Global North.

(1) Converging consensus on high integrity supply and demand. That is integrity, integrity and integrity.

(2) Independent rating and monitoring. That is, due diligence and technology as “the big brother”.

(3) Science-based target setting. From science, by science and to science.

(4) Jurisdictional and nested approaches. That is, adapt methodologies to local approaches.

and (5) Benefits beyond carbon. This is about biodiversity and people. All over the World.

Back to the most recent article, WEF recommends that companies take the dual approach of both investing in carbon credits and funding the decarbonisation of their operations. And that NbS carbon credits improve with new science and guidance, updated methodologies and evolving technology. Then conclude:

“Climate change and nature loss are crises and inaction is not an option. The voluntary carbon market is critical for climate action and major progress has been made to improve outcomes - with many more improvements already under way. Now is exactly the time to invest in nature-based solutions through the voluntary carbon market, alongside other immediately deployable climate solutions, so we can ensure a better future for the planet.”

Click at the image below for the full article.

About trees, maybe the main symbols of NbS, also refer to this post that we elaborated directly on LinkedIn. From there we quote:

“Trees may be temporary, but forests are permanent, storing carbon for millennia and millions of years".

And for a great list of forest related posts, good information and science, click here.


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