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The world's largest electrolyser undergoing testing

HydrogenPro has announced "the world’s largest electrolyzer".

As you know, electrolyzers will use wind and solar energy to produce green hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.

According to the company, the 2 meters diameter electrolyzer will have an output of 100 kgs of pure hydrogen per hour.

This new technology for large-scale green hydrogen production is being further verified and tested since September 2022 in Herøya, Norway. The plant results will help optimize the delivery to one of the world’s largest factories for green hydrogen.

As a reference, the norwegian HydrogenPro will deliver 40 electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen for power generation, transportation and industrial uses by the japanese Mitsubishi Power. The same two parties are also scaling and validating hydrogen technology to support U.S. global decarbonization targets .

Click at the image below for company's press release . And here for an article by Interesting Engineering.


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