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The COP of No Return. COP27 starts in a few days.

Article (in English) by Sameh Shoukry, COP27 President-Designate and Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The human cost of climate change is making headlines almost daily. Global warming is no longer a distant or theoretical threat, but an immediate material one – a phenomenon that affects each of us, our families, and our neighbors.

Attention points relate to changes needed to avert catastrophe are not not fast enough, and the developing world is increasingly frustrated with rich countries’ refusal to pay their fair share for a crisis for which they bear overwhelming responsibility. In a world of rising geopolitical tensions and daunting economic challenges, the time has come to address the loss and damage suffered by countries that did not cause the climate crisis.

On the positive side, climate adaptation and new forms of collaboration are gaining traction, and investment in climate tech is booming. This includes new carbon-removal technologies, electric transport solutions, and renewable energies. As a result, clean-energy prices continue to fall: almost two-thirds of renewable power added in G20 countries in 2021 cost less than the cheapest coal-fired options. And attention against greenwashing and on restoring nature is also growing.

How can we seize the opportunity of COP27, the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference to inspire an approach to mitigation and adaptation that is based on trust, justice, and equity? Click to read the full article at Project Syndicate, further elaborating on the expectations, and including links to depthen your knowledge of related topics.


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