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SAE Brasil 2023: Ambipar seeding drone.

Today is Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

Last 10th and 11th of October, Carbon Credit Markets participated in São Paulo, Brazil in the 30th edition of the SAE BRASIL International Mobility Congress and Exhibition.

The event was sponsored by several companies leading the energy transition applied to mobility, such as Embraer, Brose, Maxion, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Scania, Ambipar, Porsche Consulting and Bosch, among others.

These were days of lots of news and networking: innovations, ethanol / biogas / biomethane / agro, hybrids, hydrogen, SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), refueling stations, supply chain and - obviously - professional training.

An unmissable event for anyone interested in the future (and present) of mobility.

Starting today and alternately over the next few days, we will share some contents.

At the Ambipar stand, a seeding drone with capacity for 3,000 biocapsules, which can cover one hectare per flight.

Biocapsules are made from collagen, by-products / waste from the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, a circular economy solution.

The seeds are native and collected with the support of indigenous organizations.

The soil, patented / registered product Ecosolo® is an organic compound made from waste from the paper and pulp industry. Another case of circular economy.

The collagen capsules are then filled with all this, protecting the seed from the sun, increasing soil fertility and increasing the likelihood of germination.

According to Ambipar, "in contact with water, the capsules quickly melt and form nutrients and biological organisms that activate the seed, causing a greater probability of germination, especially in degraded and nutrient-poor soils, where there has been deforestation, fires, erosion or other anthropic degenerative action".

And in the image below (by Carbon Credit Markets) for a publication by Ambipar's own Research, Development and Innovation Center, adding that "several tests have already been carried out... in degraded riparian forests around the Serra da Cantareira, in greater São Paulo, and that after planting, aerial images are collected and monitored using the Sower X application, which monitors and certifies the development of the trees".

The Center holds "numerous patents, received more than 40 awards, published hundreds of articles and implemented several projects in Brazil and abroad."


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