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Retrospective 2023 Carbon Credit Markets.

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Today is Friday, December 29, 2023. Later on today, closing the year, we send you the Top 3 Posts from Week 52.

About this last autoral post from 2023, we would like to share with you our top 10 of the year.

But before that, our appreciation for all your support along the way and the following milestones to share:

🌎 In 2023 we achieved regular readers in all Continents, in over 120 countries. Quite an honour. And responsibility.

🏆 21st most influential blog in the World and 1st Brazil according to FeedSpot, that ranks thousands of blogs on the web by traffic, followers, social media and news.

🔝Almost 2 million organic impressions in the last 12 months.

🚀 Our number of LinkedIn followers more than doubled, increasing 130% since January 2023.

🔗 In terms of social media, last September we introduced two Spotify versions, one in English and another in Portuguese. As such, besides the website itself, we are on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Threads, X and Spotify. Check our website for the links.

🎓 Several internet monitoring tools started to regularly email us on purpose of our indicators, such as a significant number of backlinks to Carbon Credit Markets. This means we continue growing as a relevant reference in terms of contents.

📊 And given our traffic, Google also invited us to use AdSense, which relates to the advertising you see in our pages. By clicking there, you help us. (Thank you!)

🖋 Our texts are 100% human-written, specially because we like to share information only with our own “editorial biases”: prospective, constructive and positive. So that our readers - and ourselves - have a chance of not being left behind. At least too fast. Important to say that the only AI support we have so far relates to the audio versions (btw, English version more mature than Portuguese).

Besides the 14 consecutive diary posts that we shared with you during COP-28 - see the first and the last one - here are the highlights from 2023, the 10 most appreciated posted by our readers. With links, if you want to read again.

See you in 2024. In principle, our January 1st post will be about nuclear fusion.


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“I am among those who think that science has great beauty”

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