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Renault plant in Paraná-Brasil: production of electric cars

In a seminar held in São Paulo, Brazil, at the beginning of September, the “E-Tech 100% electric days”, on mobility, sustainability, efficiency, technology and innovation, Renault do Brasil presented global strategic plans on the complete transition of the brand to powered models. electricity by the end of the next decade. This is the "Renaulution" plan (something like the union of the words Renault with Revolution). Click here for more global information.

In Brazil, the Renault unit in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba is obviously not left out of the plan, as the Renault “E-Tech 100% electric days” was also the stage for the launch of the Kwid E-Tech, the 100% electric vehicle that puts the electric revolution on Brazilian streets. The Kwid E-Tech pre-sale started in April and was a great success. In less than two months, the first batch of 750 units sold out. The profile of customers who bought the model have monthly income between R$10 and R$20 thousand. With an urban range of 298 kilometers, according to Renault, the cost of a kilometer driven by the Kwid E-Tech is R$0.06, against R$0.41 for an internal combustion vehicle. Plus, it can even be charged from a 110 or 220 volt household outlet. The automaker aims to popularize electric mobility with the Kwid, the cheapest electric on the market — although it is far from being accessible to most of the population, since the price is R$142,990.

Click here for the full press release of Renault Brasil, which also indicates the arrival of the 100% electric Megane E-Tech in the first half of 2023, in addition to the Master E-Tech commercial vans with a range of 200 km, a load capacity of up to 13 m3 and with zero emission of pollutants in use and the Kangoo Van E-Tech with a range of up to 300 km and a load capacity of up to 4.3 m³ and 800 kg are also in the plans.

Still on electric cars, there is an interesting publication by Bloomberg Green titled “Find the right electric car for you”. This is a ratings panel of electric vehicles currently available in the US. Cars listed range from $26,595 (Chevrolet Bolt EV) to $190,000 (Porsche Taycan).


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