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Important news about the Brazilian Carbon Credits Market (II)

This was the title of a post from May 2023. And now the news: "the text is practically ready".

Despite this good news - and the climate urgency - at the Federal level it should still take some time. Perhaps until 2025. According to an article by Agência Câmara de Notícias, because of the negotiations on how to send it to Congress and the expectation of the COP-30 in Brazil. Maybe that's why some States are already moving "Carbon Credits in RJ, AM and TO: Brazilian states also taking action".

According to the Secretary of Green Economy, Decarbonization and Bioindustry of the Ministry of Development, Rodrigo Rollemberg “This proposal creates the Brazilian Emissions Trading System and defines the 'cap and trade' model and the emission limit* from 25 thousand tons of carbon equivalent/year. Companies would become regulated and receive emission quotas that they would have to comply with: those that emit less would have quotas referring to these avoided emissions and those that emit more would have to compensate within the regulated market or in part of the voluntary market”.

That is, coexistence between the regulated and voluntary markets, similar to what is practiced internationally.

Compatibility with carbon pricing systems around the world and “greenwashing” are also concerns. “You can't cheat the atmosphere” said Marina Silva at Febraban Tech 2023. According to Rollemberg, as this is an opportunity for "neo-industrialization", the model will be implemented gradually, including in a way that Brazil develops internationally recognized monitoring and certification capacity, so as not to become dependent only on "external certification agencies".

Click on the image below (by Amcham Brasil) to watch the TV Senado video. We selected the point when Rollemberg starts his 6 min exposition.

We thank forest engineer Carlos Gilberto Caleiro Guimarães for valuable inputs to the subject.

(by Amcham Brasil)


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