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Hydrogen: recent movements in China and the United States

Countries can quickly fall behind in the current energy transition without central support and subsidies. Below are examples of hydrogen.

At the same time that the China Petrochemical Corporation / Sinopec announces its largest green hydrogen production plant, the company Nikola receives subsidies to set up infrastructure in California to supply hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle).

According to the press release Sinopec is the first in China to produce more than 10 thousand tons. of green hydrogen using photovoltaic energy, reducing up to 485 thousand ton. of CO2 emissions per year. The company has been investing heavily in renewable energy and has already built more than 100 hydrogen fueling stations in the country. In addition, earlier this year it announced a long-distance hydrogen pipeline and another green hydrogen project in Inner Mongolia.

An article at PR Newswire indicates that Nikola / HYLA will receive $41.9 million to build six hydrogen fueling stations. And by the end of 2023, the stations will be able to supply 80 to 100 trucks per station per day. Click the image below for the document "Southern California Hydrogen Fueling Stations".

Nikola's electric trucks, in production since 2022, can travel around 300 miles per charge, while the hydrogen version will travel nearly twice as much. Government and manufacturers increasingly see hydrogen as a better option for trucks than batteries because they are not as heavy and refueling is quicker.

Quoted in the article, the president of Nikola indicated that its hydrogen trucks are scheduled to be launched in July 2023.

Remember here that the European Union has also been subsidizing this type of infrastructure, and in a very smart way, giving prestige to its transport companies located along the main highways. Recall "Europe is at the forefront of hydrogen, with France in the spotlight".

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