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Green hydrogen promises to boost Brazil-Germany relationship

A thorough article by Deutsche Welle.

During a meeting in Brasília last January 30, the German Federal Chancellor highlighted the Brazilian potential of green hydrogen (H2V), a fuel produced from renewable energies and which is emerging as the main commitment of developed economies to decarbonise CO2-intensive sectors, such as agriculture, transport, industries and electricity generation. As we have been extensively reporting at Carbon Credit Markets and more recently via Hydrogen Markets .

Brazil can position itself as one of the main exporters of H2V to Europe and further increase its prestige as source os “green energies” on the international scene.

The article also mentions an international study carried out by the German consultancy Roland Berger showing that Brazil - due to its tropical geography - could become the largest producer of green hydrogen in the world and reach annual revenues of R$ 150 billion from 2050, of which R$ 100 billion will come from exports.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the production cost per kilogram of H2V from the electrolysis of water in the international market, using renewable sources, varies between 3 and 8 dollars. In Brazil, if one considers the use of energy generated in wind or solar plants in the electrolysis process, the cost would be between 2.2 and 5.2 dollars. That is what, in economy terms, is called "competitive advantage". Africa is also keeping an eye on this potential, specially due to its greater proximity to the European consumer market .

“Brazil has everything to be the Saudi Arabia of hydrogen as of 2030,” says the economist Nivalde J. de Castro, referring to the relevance of the Arab country in oil production. “The challenge is to turn potential into reality”

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