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French Guiana: one of the world's largest hydrogen plants.

Today is Thursday, April 4 2024.

Closing the series of brief updates on some significant facts about hydrogen, previously posted by Carbon Credit Markets.

French Guiana: world's largest hydrogen plant. Original post from 2022, November.

A country in equatorial South America, already known for having Europe's Spaceport, the launchpad of the famous Ariane rockets, then announcing the construction of the world’s first multi-megawatt hydrogen power plant, CEOG (Centrale Electrique de l’Ouest Guyanais), 128MWh, including the largest green hydrogen storage of intermittent electricity sources. The innovative project, which involves solar photovoltaic, lithium-ion storage, electrolysers and fuel cells, seeks to solve the issue of intermittency in renewables and the combination of short-term battery storage and longer-term hydrogen storage has essentially created baseload renewables. CEOG is 60% owned by Meridiam, 30% by SARA (Rubis Group) and 10% by Hydrogène de France (HDF).

Update 2024, March.

There are indications though that the project is facing difficulties with the Indigenous Kali'na community of the village of Prospérité, as posted a few days ago by International Service for Human Rights. Among other interesting references and a link to their March 2024 appeal to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, this video “En Guyane, les travaux de la Ceog sous haute surveillance”.

We hope you enjoyed this series of updates on hydrogen related posts. Several opportunities.



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