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Europe: about the submarine hydrogen pipeline between Spain and France.

Today is Friday, March 29 2024.

We will start a series of brief follow-ups on a few significant hydrogen facts around the World, brought to you in some of our previous posts.

About the project of a maritime pipeline connecting Barcelona with Marseille (BarMar). This infrastructure is part of the Iberian hydrogen corridor, therefore also with the involvement of Portugal and Spain in facilitating that “sun rich” area to access the "Delta Green Corridor", which connects Rotterdam with other European industrial clusters in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. BarMar is part of the main H2med project.

Update 2024, March

According to a press release from February 2024 at the website of H2MED Project, the BarMar project is entering a new phase of its development, with two companies selected, one to conduct the preliminary engineering studies, perform the analysis of route alternatives and select the corridor of the BarMar project and the other company responsible for societal and environmental impact studies.

By the way, there are numerous hydrogen - and carbon capture and storage - infrastructure ongoing projects in Europe. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), maintains a list with all these projects by the national gas transmission operators. A list worth analysing in details.

Next post will be an update on Saudi Arabia building the world’s largest USD 8.4 Billion green hydrogen plant.



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