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ESG in Europe, UK, US and Brazil: challenges, opportunities and regulatory trends

At Mattos Filho office this Thursday 4 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Great event. With Amadeu Ribeiro, Juliana Ramalho, Lina Pimentel and Marcel Ribas. And Gerard G. Pecht, Caroline May and Kevin Harnisch from Norton Rose Fulbright.

Panel 1. About the company’s ESG pillars:

  • Environmental impact, licensing and permitting, GHG emissions, carbon data, pollution, sustainability, waste, product liability

  • Social and human rights impact, workings conditions, communities, health and safety, employee relations, diversity

  • Governance, corporate structure, board composition, reporting lines, data handling, reporting, compliance records, procurement, supply chain, investments

About the European Green Deal: Climate energy, Clean energy, Sustainable industry, Buildings and renovations, Sustainable mobility, Eliminating pollution, Farm to fork, Preserving biodiversity, Research & development, Preventing unfair competition from carbon leakage

And one additional comment by Caroline May: “Because of the sun, Brazil is very well positioned for the green hydrogen industry”

Panel 2. About key ESG Regulations & Standards

  • Brazil🇧🇷: CVM 59/2021 & 175/2022, ANBIMA, PRSAC (Central Bank), SUSEP 666/2022

  • EU 🇪🇺: SFDR, EU Taxonomy, CSRD, CSDD

  • UK 🇬🇧: TCFD (mandatory), UK Taxonomy, SDR, SECR

  • Global Voluntary: TCFD, ISSB

Caroline May concludes with another great comment: “Unless the money moves, nothing is going to change”.

It was also an opportunity to ask questions, including from two of our LinkedIn readers:

  • Ronaldo Lundgren, about the (not yet) application of the European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) to food (and agriculture) after last April 26 post “European Union: new carbon tax on imported goods approved yesterday, among others” . Short answer was indeed not yet, considering the crisis in Europe and the “food security” issue. Plus complexity of jurisdictional legislation from individual countries.

  • John Loomis, who rightfully asked about the existence of similar compendium of references about Brazilian regulations, when on April 3 we posted “Key ESG developments in selected countries. By Sullivan & Cromwell.” . Well, in that sense, the event - and this post - is in that direction.

  • Our own, about the recent “anti-ESG regulations” in some jurisdictions in United States. It was indicated the challenges being faced by pension funds. And legal advisors.

Events like this are valuable in contents and debates, as well as networking.


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