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China: Mega Wind Turbines Are About to Get Even Bigger

In an interview to Bloomberg, the Chinese Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Ltd. said that the world’s mega wind turbines are about to get even bigger. Usually and on average, the length of wind turbine blades reaches 67 meters. It happens that MingYang is starting to manufacture equipment fitted with vast 140-meter-long blades.

Larger turbines are well suited for desert and far offshore projects and transporting giant blades is relatively easy through these mostly unpopulated areas. And besides, larger equipment can lower costs. Installations in mountainous rural areas tend to need smaller and more bespoke turbines. Equipment designs - no matter for onshore or offshore - are also likely to allow for more customization for specific locations.

About offshore wind farms, certain areas of the globe have extra challenges: extreme winds (typhoons = hurricanes = cyclones). And MingYang is also working on that.

Recycling blades after lifespan is also a concern. Worth mentioning the German RWE's Kaskasi II wind farm in the North Sea that recently started regular operations. It has a capacity of 342 MW, and its blades are the first in the world to be recycled at the end of their service life, blades made using the revolutionary RecyclableBlade technology. Click here to read more about all this.

Wind industry has entered a stage of high-speed growth. The world's wind power capacity will accelerate and about 115 GW of new capacity will be commissioned in 2023, up from 78 GW in 2022, according forecasts by the Global Wind Energy Council. Here their Global Wind Report for 2023.

Click at the image below (Mingyang Smart Energy Group + Bloomberg) to read more about these huge wind turbines, Bloomberg article.

And here if interested to see some pictures at the Ming Yang's Chinese website.


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