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Carbon Removal Alliance and the United States Government

Recent article from Forbes reported that more than 20 companies in the burgeoning carbon removal industry launched a coalition that will lobby the U.S. government for new policies to help commercialize the nascent technology, which has received a flood of private investment in recent years. The coalition is named Carbon Removal Alliance (CRA).

For years, technologies such as direct air capture, which extracts carbon emissions from the ambient air, had been seen as fringe ideas. But after the passage of the federal infrastructure bill and the Inflation Reduction Act, investors have been pouring millions into the emerging field. Under those bills, the U.S. government has committed to spend more than $580 billion to support the development of carbon dioxide removal technologies through grants, technical support and tax credits for start-up companies and investors.

No large-scale direct air-capture projects are operational in the United States, though some projects are underway. The two main types of carbon dioxide removal involve chemical processes like direct air capture or enhance existing natural processes that remove carbon from the atmosphere such as planting trees.

The initiative will be led by carbon removal NGO Carbon 180 and members companies include direct air capture start-ups such as Sustaera , Climeworks and Heirloom .

Click at the image below for Carbon Removal Alliance website were you can see the full list of members. And send membership inquiries.

The website lists a few of the technologies being developed:


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