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Brazilian agribusiness and climate change

The last Brazilian Agribusiness Congress brought some good issues in preparation for the positioning of Brazilian agriculture for COP27.

According to Luiz Carlos Corrêa Carvalho, president of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association - ABAG, Brazil is the first country to include agriculture in the carbon credits program. “The sector is part of the solution, as it absorbs part of the emissions. Today, the production of cultivars absorbs 45% of emissions”, he said.

It was also highlighted that Brazilian agriculture, given its exceptional status as a major exporter and producer of food, fiber and energy, needs to be proactively engaged in discussions of sustainability metrics. And ensure understanding of what is important for tropical agriculture and not just "accept what is good for the temperate world". Technology and science need to help agro with climate adaptation, taking into account the peculiarities of each region.

At the end of the event, comments were made on the importance of ethanol and other sources of renewable energy. In other words, everything aimed at building a good image of Brazil at COP 27.

Click below to see a short video, when Ingo Ploger, ABAG advisor, also commenting on Brazil's work in the carbon market, and here for an Agroclima article about the Congress.


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