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Brazil: about the high potential of natural hydrogen in the São Francisco river basin.

Today is Tuesday, April 2 2024.

Continuing the series of brief updates on some significant facts about hydrogen, previously posted by Carbon Credit Markets.

Besides mentioning the Mali natural hydrogen mine owned by the Canadian company Hydroma, among other global occurrences, we referred to the French energy company Engie that has been studying the potential of natural hydrogen in Brazil. At that time the information was that hundreds of sensors to monitor the flux of hydrogen were developed and installed in the São Francisco Basin, where significant percentages of hydrogen in the subsurface had already been found and where "fairy circles" are visible.

Update 2024, March

Engie’s website was updated and now brings a clear scheme of the perceived genesis of natural hydrogen, with olivine as a starting point (we will repost about olivine, including oceanic projects in the coming days). Give a look.

Additionally, there is now a 33 seconds Vimeo video “Long-term monitoring of natural H2 superficial emissions in Brazil” showing emanations of hydrogen, like little explosions. Researchers are still working to understand this phenomenon. Quantity is estimated at several hundred of kilos per day confirming the high hydrogen potential of the São Francisco basin.

Next post will be an update on Africa’s extraordinary green hydrogen potential.



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