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Brazil, a Bastion of Hydropower, Is Gaining Traction in Wind and Solar

Brazil has long been known as a renewable-energy powerhouse, thanks to a geography that is abundant of natural resources, ideal for generating hydropower, including lots of sunny days and windy nights. And expectations are to boost environmental policies and rising support for investment in renewables.

Hydropower represented 58% of Brazil’s electricity capacity last year, while solar plants accounted for 2% and wind power 10%, according to government data. An additional 8% came from renewable sources that power specific consumers, such as rooftop solar panels on residences or factories, including some selling excess power. A further 7% originated from thermoelectric plants fired by renewable sources, while nonrenewable sources such as fossil fuels were 15% of the mix.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy forecasts that Brazil’s power-generation capacity will reach 275 gigawatts by 2031, up from 200 gigawatts last year. Of this total, 83% is expected to come from renewable sources, including hydro, solar, wind and others.

In contrast, last year 63% of power-generation capacity in the U.S. was from fossil fuels, 8% from nuclear (a negligible source in Brazil) and 27% from renewables, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Specifically about wind power, says André Clark, senior vice president for Siemens Energy Latin America “A client in the U.S. might be happy if a wind farm runs 35% of the time. In Brazil, the average is 60%; many farms get 72%. This is almost like a hydroelectric plant.”

Click at the image below (source to read this WSJ article by Paulo Trevisani. The article concludes by quoting David Colvin, partner and co-chair of the ESG practice of law firm Fox Rothschild LLP: "I look to Brazil to be a leader in the renewable-energy sector going forward, as it has been for many years”.


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