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46% growth since Jan 2022: Brazil reaches 19 GW of installed power in solar PV

Distributed Generation (DG) consists of the segment in which energy is generated by consumers, near or at the place of consumption. In other words, it is the opposite segment to the traditional Centralized Generation (GC) of large plants, which send energy to consumers through transmission lines.

According to ABSOLAR - Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy - published this Wednesday, September 14, 2022 on its social networks, Brazil has grown by another 1 GW of its own energy generation, reaching now 13 GW of installed power, representing 98% of Brazilian DG.

Additionally, the large plants have more than 6.1 GW of installed solar power, making a total of 19.1 GW.

In other words, this renewable energy source already accounts for 9.6% of Brazil's electricity matrix, and between January and September 2022 alone, installed solar capacity grew by 46.1%.

Photovoltaic solar energy has enormous potential in Brazil.

Click below to follow the ABSOLAR infographic.


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